Frequently asked questions

Don’t worry, we’re not going to get really abstract or philosophical!

We believe that innovation is a skill that everyone has, and it’s the lifeblood of every great organisation.

If you think you ‘can’t be innovative’ or ‘can’t do innovation’, we’d (respectfully) disagree because you are a great innovator, you just might not know it yet.

Our approach using the Six I’sⓇ of Innovation model can help you to build innovation into your culture and work to your individual strengths

You can find a full description of the Six I’sⓇ of Innovation model here (internal link to 6 i’s of innovation page), but to summarise, it’s a methodology that recognises the innovation potential in each individual person.

Rather than being purely theory-based and classifying people’s personalities, this model is all about the human perspective – putting purpose at the centre, the model lets us progress through 6 distinct stages of the innovation process to understand our ‘why’!

Put simply (or perhaps, too simply), we work with businesses looking to change so that they can start getting value from their ideas and making new things happen.

We’ve worked with a range of businesses – small, medium, large – and we haven’t niched down to just one type of business because we believe our approach works with any business looking to innovate.

If we wanted to be extra fancy about it, we’d say that we’re industry agnostic because we don’t specialise in a specific industry… we just specialise in unlocking your team’s innovation potential.

We’d love to hear from you! Book a 30-minute meeting via video call with Simon.

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Though we do offer virtual training, we’d generally only recommend this for teams that work across different time zones and locations.

Long story short, we’d just love to see you and your team in person!

We find it’s the best way to truly involve everyone in the discussion and make the training as engaging as possible.

Our training is bespoke and made to match to your needs, so we don’t separate our services into levels or different tiers because it’s unique to you.

Instead of struggling to see how a training programme encompasses your needs, the training is based on your needs.

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