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We believe that businesses can be more effective innovators when people are themselves. Values are a strong part of being yourself, which is why we choose to support the following initiatives as real-time interventions. Part of the way we do business is to work with partners who care as much as we do – take a look below at some of the great work they’re doing.



Beam has a proven and powerful new model to create opportunities for a diverse group of people experiencing homelessness, crowdfunding career opportunities and providing a support network.

Our impact: Funding campaigns result in real change for individuals.

Inverness Foodstuff

Inverness Foodstuff is a vibrant community, centred around providing help, meals and company, for those who, in a variety of forms, face day to day challenges.

Our impact: We fund a week of meals every month.

Climate Hero

We choose to offset our whole lifestyle as well as our business operations to reduce our climate impact on our journey to Net Zero carbon by 2030.

Our impact: Climate Hero helps us to bridge where we are today with where we must be in future.

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