How we work

We could tell you that we have in-depth knowledge of human-centric innovation, or that we have an engaging approach to delivery, but what does that mean for you?

After all, guiding you through the journey of innovation requires trust.

So… what can you trust us to do for you and your team?

We acknowledge your circumstances

Innovating a product, a service, or a business model is a big decision.

Each member of our team has been there multiple times, too – we know it can be daunting (and exciting!).

By acknowledging what you are experiencing first, we can meet you where you are to get you to where you want to be. We call this listening.

We understand your needs are unique to you

We know that the square peg never fits into the round hole… and why should it? You’re not a commodity, or a box on a shelf waiting to be sold.

Your circumstances are unique to you, and the work we do together will be exactly the same.

Combining our knowledge of how people communicate, innovation methodologies, and our human-centric approach means that your unique needs will be met rather than ignored. We call this understanding.

We make innovation simple and repeatable

Like the third act of a great film, this is where we put in the hard work and face things head on together.

By getting a fresh perspective, you can now see avenues open up, and identify opportunities, brainstorm ideas, and watch as value propositions get developed and evaluated.

The result? A smoother implementation and subsequent optimisation. We call this unsticking.

We empower you to progress once the job is done

The words ‘training’ and ‘consultancy’ can frequently be associated with high retainer fees that don’t really help you to progress.

We don’t want to be an (expensive) crutch for you.

Instead, we want to empower you to progress with what we create together so that we can bow out gracefully and watch your team flourish.

It’s part of our philosophy – the success we’ve created needs a successor, and that successor is now in your organisation’s DNA, your culture. We call this success.

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