The team

Simon, Director (he/him)

(he knows food, people, and innovation)

Six i’s® of innovation profile – IDENTIFIER, INVESTOR

What do I do?

I work with you to recognise the changes you need to make.

Whether you’re scratching your head over a project and need clarification, or you’re already standing on the foundation of success and looking to scale up your innovation pipeline, I’m here to work through it with you.

How do I work?

I’m great at bursting the self-doubt bubble that might have been lurking over your shoulder so that you can start feeling as though your dream job is actually your dream job.

As a Master Practitioner of NLP, I help with coaching around those issues that are important to you, and sometimes that is not always to do with your business.

What’s my background?

I’ve worked in the food industry since 1996, moving both sideways and upwards at many a well-known brand. It’s been a source of joy, frustration, excitement, uncertainty, and most of all, given me the gift of learning. I owe a lot to the 250+ factories and businesses I’ve visited and the hundreds of talented individuals working there!

A quote that inspires me is…

My favourite quote is from Grace Hopper, a Rear Admiral in the US Navy: “The most dangerous phrase in the English language is, we have always done it this way.”

She reminds me that ‘things don’t change if things don’t change’.

Neil, Director (he/him)

(he knows people, and innovation)

Six i’s® of innovation profile – IGNITER, INVESTOR 

What do I do?

I deliver purpose-driven and engaging innovation training that makes delivering the value you’ve been looking to create easy (and simple).

As a human specialist, I help individuals and teams to identify the key areas that are acting as barriers to their success – challenges, strengths and strategies.

How do I work?

My style is to jargon-bust, simplify, and cut through the smokescreen.

Understanding innovation should be an accessible process for everybody, so I create an environment where everyone feels free and safe to contribute.

As a Master Practitioner of NLP, I help with coaching around those issues that are important to you, and sometimes that is not always to do with your business.

What’s my background?

I worked in the insights industry for most of my adult life, starting at the bottom in 1990 and ending in 2019 having spent eight years at the top. That tells me that, like everyone else out there, we human beings develop as we go.

A quote that inspires me is…

My favourite learning is drawn from a quote by Sophia Bush, the American actor, who said, “You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously”. It’s a learning that inspires me to continue working on myself, and it’s something I encourage others to do as well.

Fiona McClaren, Associate (she/her)

(she knows Strategy, as the Founder of B2Bxi)

Six i’s® of innovation profile IDENTIFY, IGNITE

What do I do?

I help you develop your customer-centric strategy.

As a strategist and marketer, I can help you to align your business purpose with the needs of your customers.

How do I work?

My style is fun, creative and supportive.

This means I can happily join you in the blue-sky zone and also help to translate your vision into practical steps that move your business in the right direction!

What’s my background?

I’ve spent most of my working life in the tech and telecoms industries, and it’s been a fascinating 30-year journey, riding the tech wave and being at the grassroots of so many ground-breaking innovations.

For me, it’s always been about putting the customer at the heart of the business whether in my corporate life or my time working with 80+ SMEs.

My favourite quote is…

Maya Angelou: “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” I have been through plenty of professional and personal struggles and failures. When I was younger, I tried to hide them as I believed they would hinder my progress.

Now I celebrate them and use their powerful lessons to help others achieve their goals!

Without whom…

Behind every brand there are real people working hard to make everything come to life, and this applies to Food4innov8ions too.

Thank you Dan Stevens, our photographer (on the left in this picture) who expertly helped us craft the images we wanted to represent who we are.

We are rainbow are a fab boutique web design agency. Their patience, creative expertise, and (very necessary) occasionally firm hand have meant that we’re able to share this website with the world – thank you Mina and team.

Thank you to Grace Hall from Crying Over Copy for taking our words and tone of voice to craft our website copy into something we’ve not had to shed any tears of our own over.

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