“We unlock your people’s innovation potential”

You already have great people… but are you working with their strengths or not?

Innovation isn’t just a concept that’s only familiar to entrepreneurs or a handful of abstract thinkers. In fact, we’d go as far as saying that you probably have innovation backwards.

Have you ever thought you ‘don’t do innovation’, or that ‘innovation isn’t done by your department’?

You’re not alone.

You and your people are innovative – you’ve just not unlocked your full potential yet.

Once you stop trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, you’d be surprised how quickly you can create value from your ideas time and time again. Let’s get your team playing to their abilities and feeling confident and redefine what innovation is for you and your team.

“As we assembled our Innovation Leadership Team, we took the bold decision to change our approach to innovation. Food4innov8ions Ltd have taught us that we already have the great people we need to innovate. We know how to better deploy our people getting their inputs at the right time, and even better is that those people know why this works. This inclusive approach to the innovation process had led to a greater diversity of thought in the team. Now we innovate better together.”

– Emma Beale, Head of Product Innovation, Waitrose & Partners

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