Oh for food’s sake!


“Oh for food’s sake” is the podcast brainchild of Amy Wilkinson (a Coach and Mentor raising awareness of the needs of NPD professionals in the food industry), and Lucy Wager of Out to Launch – a product Developer, Coach, Mentor and Branded business owner) These women have been creating and holding the space for conversation about innovation and new product development in the food industry, calling out the challenges faced by food professionals and I think, enabling positive change.

Now we are at episode 10, it was a real privilege to join the conversation and share my thoughts on the “innovation mindset”. Of course this interconnected topic sees the conversation take many turns. We touch on principles of innovation, mindset, the risks of echo chambers and the need for perspective as well as having a few laughs and moments of realisation along the way. I hope you find something interesting in here – get in touch and let me now what you think.

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